Kirk Womack

Greetings, my name is Kirk Womack. I was born in Virginia Beach, VA, soonKirk Womack
afterward my family moved to Indiana. I spent most of my youth in
Brookville, where my mother homeschooled my brother and I. I repair antique
clocks for a living, in addition to being a locksmith. I have been a
reenactor and living historian for five years and an avid researcher of
American history (particularly Civil War history) for over ten years. I
joined the 6th Indiana Volunteer Infantry reenactment unit in 2018, in
which I currently hold the rank of corporal. I have always held a firm
belief that learning history can be fun for anyone, provided it is
presented properly. I'm greatly looking forward to meeting you, getting to
know you, and teaching you a small part of the fascinating history of the
American Civil War.