A Steampunk Tea Party

Event Date

November 5, 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Event Details

Calling all local steampunk enthusiasts as well as those simply curious!

Join us on a delicious adventure as we explore the fascinating world of Steampunk whilst we savor herbal teas and nibbles against the superb Victorian backdrop of Willard Library. A traditional English tea, complete with “biscuits”, will be provided as Drew Von Greencastle, Esq. doth make a “Steampunk 101” presentation for the tea guests. Steampunk attire and accessories are encouraged, but not required, for all guests.

Drew Von Greencastle, Esq., founder of The Greater Evansville Steampunk Society, is a time traveler, mesmerizer, and aristocrat from the year 1883, and has traveled through time to the present day to enlighten us regarding this delightful genre. Master Drew also hopes to preserve his honor through a rematch with fellow time traveler and rival Mad Hatter Mark, to whom he lost a duel at Willard Library, earlier in 2019.

Mad Hatter Mark, also from the year 1883, has time travelled extensively, amassing a fortune as well as stimulating experiences, though he now suffers from “Time Traveler’s Disease”, impairing both his short term and long term memory such that he cannot always recall events in correct sequence

Event Location

Willard Library

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