Researching Through Footnotes

Michael John Neill

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June 25, 1:00pm - 2:00pm

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Using Historical Books and Articles for Genealogical Research


About our Speaker:

Michael John Neill began researching his family genealogy in the early
1980s and grew up a few miles from the county courthouse in the county
where many of his family members have lived since the 1860s. He has spent
many days rummaging through old original records in a variety of locations
across the United States attempting to discover more ancestral details
other than vital event dates. Foraging those records for clues has taught
him a great deal about research, his ancestors, and himself.

Michael writes and lectures on a variety of genealogical topics, with
particular interest in immigration, women’s rights, research methodology,
and problem-solving. He has also led annual research trips to the Family
History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, and the Allen County Public
Library in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, since the late 1990s. His lectures and trips
emphasize helping researchers improve their research skills so they can
more effectively conduct their own research because he knows that no one
cares as much about a genealogist’s family as the genealogist themselves.

Michael has a master’s degree in mathematics and has been a community
college instructor since the early 1990s. He maintains a web presence at



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Willard Library, Browning Gallery

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