Links to Stories and Themed Reads

Links for Stories and Themed Reads

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June 8, 12:00am - July 31, 10:30pm

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Below are the links for the Stories and Themed Reads for Summer Reading.

Links updated daily.

Week One   


Great White Sharks

Whale Sharks

Friends Don't Eat Friends

Sand Sharks

Nurse Sharks

Hammerhead Sharks


Week Two






Shipwreck pt. 1

Shipwreck pt. 2

If You Were a Kid on the Titanic

Shipwreck pt. 3

Shipwreck pt. 4

Shipwreck pt. 5


Week Three





Octopuses pt. 1

A Jellyfish

Night of the Moonjellies

Octopuses pt. 2

Blue Ringed Octopus

Dumbo Octopus


Week Four






Great Barrier Reef

Rainbow Fish

Is Atlantis Real?

Bayan Slat

Life Under Ice (Paraphrase)


Week Five






Frilled Shark

Hairy Frog Fish

Pout Pout Fish


Goblin Shark



Week Six

ghost ship




The Most Amazing Creature in the Sea

Spooky Ghost Ships

Ocean Meets Sky

Bermuda Triangle

Sea Monsters


One Cool Friend


Week Seven





WHY Take Care of Your Aquarium?  (presented by Pet Supplies Plus)

HOW to Take Care of Your Aquarium (presented by Pet Supplies Plus)

Goldfish on Vacation

Tropical Fish

500 Freshwater Fish

Caring for Fish 




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Willard Library

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