John E. Iglehart and the Lure of Local History

Robert G. Wick

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February 11, 6:00pm - 7:30pm

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John Iglehart and a group of Tri-State residents created the Southwestern Indiana Historical Society. He worked to increase his community’s appreciation of regional history, especially about the area’s most famous resident, Abraham Lincoln.

Iglehart brought the story of the Tri-State to local residents.  He worked to his dying day to show that there was much more to the region than a “stagnant, putrid pool” as Lincoln’s last law partner wrote. With the publication of Keith Erekson’s Everybody’s History (2012) and William Bartelt’s Abe’s Youth (2019), Iglehart has returned to some prominence, at least in the eyes of local historians, and students of Abraham Lincoln.



Robert G. Wick is an independent scholar and researcher who has been interested in the life of Abraham Lincoln since the age of seven. He has published several articles in historical journals and magazines and presented numerous talks to various organizations. He is currently at work on an article studying the popular Lincoln biographers Ida M. Tarbell and Carl Sandburg and how their work affected and influenced Lincoln biography, both popular and academic. He is also working on a book-length study of Tarbell’s work on Lincoln. In 2007 he appeared as an on-camera expert in the National Geographic Channel documentary “The Hunt for Lincoln’s Assassin” as a result of his investigation into the life of Everton J. Conger, the man in charge of the troops that captured John Wilkes Booth and David Herold.


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Willard Library, Browning Gallery

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