Before 1850 Strategies for Early American Research

Jacob Eubanks

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October 8, 6:00pm - 7:45pm

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Speaker: Jacob Eubanks: St. Louis, MO

Before 1850 Strategies for Early American Research

Beginning genealogists with access to census and vital records may not encounter an actual research challenge until the 1840s. Successful research prior to the 1850 census (the first census to list the names and ages of everyone in a household) requires the genealogist to structure research around multiple events within the context of each individual generation. Through a series of case studies, learn how identifying key generational events and the records produced due to those events can aid a genealogist in identifying ancestors and resolving evidentiary conflicts.

Jacob Eubanks, MLS is a librarian, author, and national speaker in the field of genealogical research and is the Assistant Manager of History & Genealogy at St. Louis County Library. Jacob’s rag-tag group of Appalachian ancestors found their way from the Mid-Atlantic to Indiana and Kentucky and by the mid-1850s, Eastern Kansas, Northwest Arkansas, and Southern Missouri. These ancestors left behind a challenging genealogical road map, one that Jacob uses to guide others in their early American research. 

This is the October meeting of the Tri-State Genealogical Society. 

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Willard Library

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