1812: Remember the Raisin!

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May 12, 6:00pm - 7:30pm

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1812: Remembering the Raisin!

"Frenchtown, Ft. Meigs, Mississinewa, the Battle of Lake Erie, the River Thames, New Orleans..." Kentucky's contribution in the War of 1812 was vital to the American War Effort.  This presentation shows how deeply Kentuckians were involved economically, politically, militarily, and emotionally.  The massacre at River Raisin gave rise to the battle cry of the war: "Remember the Raisin!" Governor Isaac Shelby left Frankfort to lead troops along the northern frontier and commanded victorious soldiers at the Battle of the Thames.  After all they had sacrificed, Kentuckians answered the call once more to defend New Orleans.  The epic battle on the sugarcane plantations below the city provided redemption for the young American nation--and for a state seeking to shed its pioneer image to become one of the more influential states in the union.


Ohio River Heritage

Eddie Price will also present on this topic.


This program will serve as the May TSGS meeting.


Eddie Price Biography

Eddie Price is a retired history teacher who now writes award-winning books.  Widder’s Landing, a historical novel set in Kentucky in 1811-1815, has won gold medals for “Best Historical Fiction” at the Readers’ Favorite Awards and the National Literary Habitat Awards, and was honored by the US Daughters of 1812 with the “Spirit of 1812 Award.”  One Drop—A Slave! (2018) has also garnered critical acclaim, winning the 2018 Gold Medal for Best Historical Fiction at the Florida Authors & Publishers Awards.  His children’s books, Little Miss Grubby Toes Steps on a Bee! (2015), Little Miss Grubby Toes Plays With Fire! (2018) and Little Miss Grubby Toes Plays With Fire! (2019), are illustrated by Mark Wayne Adams.  Eddie has won Gold Medals at the Readers’ Favorite Awards, the Florida Authors & Publishers Association, and Mom’s Choice Awards. A Chautauqua performer for the Kentucky Humanities Council, Eddie is a world traveler who enjoys bicycling, horseback riding, and swimming. He and his wife Mary now live in Hancock County, Kentucky.  He has two daughters, Sheena and Breanne.


Eddie Price presents a number of acclaimed educational programs all across the United States.  He often visits grades K-12, colleges, and universities in the daytime; in the evenings he presents for historical and genealogical societies, libraries, museums, patriotic groups—often doing as many as nine programs in a single day.   If you are interested in having the author present a program for your organization or school, please visit his website at www.eddiepricekentuckyauthor.com.  Click on “Program Info.” and “Contact” for more information. The author invites you to pay a visit to his Facebook page at www.facebook.com/eddieprice.1954  Books are available at Amazon.com.  To get your own inscribed, signed copy, please contact Eddie Price at [email protected]  


Books by Eddie Price:


Widder’s Landing

One Drop—A Slave!


An Unlikely Trio—The Winners of the 1913 Kentucky Derby


Little Miss Grubby Toes Steps on a Bee!

Little Miss Grubby Toes Plays with Fire!

Little Miss Grubby Toes Falls in the Pool!

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Willard Library

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