Marketing & Events Coordinator


Willard Public Library of Evansville, Indiana is seeking its first ever Marketing & Events Coordinator.

As part of the Administrative Team, the successful candidate will be able to work across multiple, dynamic library public service departments to chart the best path of marketing success among a variety of platforms and mediums. An extensive, insightful market research project has been concluded in 2020, which provides a virtual roadmap for marketing the library of the future to identified target markets which will be implemented by the Marketing & Events Coordinator. This is a salaried 40+ hours per week position that includes generous, paid benefit time, health insurance, and Public Employee’s Retirement Fund.

Willard Public Library is seeking someone with extensive knowledge of local media markets, social media, digital content creation, and the ability to inspire local thought leaders to assist Indiana’s oldest public library to be the library of a new era.

Applicants advancing to the second interview will be asked to submit the following portfolio: a writing sample, a press release, a public service announcement, a successful social media post, and both video and still photography.

While the ability to work from home is specified, proximity to Evansville, IN is necessary as frequent meetings and media contact are required.




JOB LOCATION: Remote/ in library when required

EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS:  Bachelor’s Degree with background in Journalism/ Marketing/ Communication

JOB FUNCTION:  Supervises day to day operation of the library's internal and external communications and messaging

JOB RESPONSIBILITIES:  100% Communications and Marketing


I.  Digital Content Creation and Management

            1. Participates in confirmation of content creation needs; tests and aligns platform target demonstrations/ pilots

            2. Recommends infrastructure and equipment needs-- video production, podcasting equipment sound booth, etc. for both internal and public use for creating webcasts and podcasts

            3.Identify staffing or partnerships to help execute content creation

            4. Produces podcasts and webcasts to be posted on Willard’s website, Willard YouTube Channels and other local/national platforms

            5. Produces or supervises filming of events and programs

            6. Recommends necessary equipment to be used by the Marketing & Events Coordinator and library staff for filming library events and programs

            7. Builds digital content and offerings with the goal of reaching new target markets and bringing additional patrons to Willard’s Digital Network (website, social media, YouTube Channels and other local or national platforms.) Develops posting strategy to manage active postings on multiple channels & touchpoints

II. Marketing

            1. Establish guidelines; produce and distribute communication

            2. Finalize marketing communication plan with the overarching goal of greater market penetration to bring new target market patrons into Willard Library and to eliminate patron perceptions of Willard as “private” instead of the public library that it is

            3. Build relationships with media outlets and enhance digital marketing presence to expand reach

            4. Network with local organizations to coordinate event space and cross-promote Willard

            5. Manage touchpoint creation website (redesign), email, social media, signage (see I. 7.)

            6. Establish brand baseline (as optional quantitative research) and track performance over time with established metrics

            7. Participates in community organizations and projects, particularly when such participation will tend to increase community awareness of Willard Library's existence, programs, and services.

            8. Identify and engage local thought leaders; speaks to civic groups and organizations to enhance Willard Library’s profile in the community.

            9. In conjunction with Department Supervisors, brainstorm programmatic offerings and events and devise marketing plans or campaigns for such

            10. Coordinates marketing efforts with the Friends of Willard Library

            11. Coordinates and implements large, cross-department library events

            12. Serves as a member of the Library Administrative Team

            13. Makes recommendations to the Library Director concerning improving communications with patrons

            14. Performs other duties as required and other tasks as necessary

III.  Layout and Design

            1. Creates electronic and print pieces to advertise programs and events

            2. Creates public service announcements and press releases

            3. Creates e-Blasts to be sent to library patrons advertising upcoming events and programs

            4. Works with printer on mass produced print pieces

            5. Makes recommendations to the Library Director concerning improving print communications with patrons

EQUIPMENT:  Computer and Peripherals, Publishing and Presentation Software, Digital Camera, Digital Video Camera, Podcast Recording Equipment, Live Stream Recording Equipment, Digital Voice Recorder, Mobile Phone

CRITICAL KNOWLEDGE: Strong Marketing Skills, Written and Oral Communications, Computer Skills, Local Media, Print Design, Public Speaking, Social Media Management, Web Design, Camera Work, Strong Public Service Attitude.


  1. Physical:  Able to lift 10 lbs above head with arms fully extended, consistently read 10-point font from 24” away; ability to do any or all of the following as needed for up to 8 hours with no more than two 20 minute resting intervals and one 60 minute resting interval: sitting, being mobile, using computer keyboard, using camera equipment reading, and writing.
  1. Mental:  Spoken and written English language comprehension at college level; able to consistently follow and deliver at least 5 verbal or written instructions without cues or repetition.
  1. Verbal:  English language delivery at college level.
  1. Written:  English language delivery at college level.

NOTE:  This is a 40+ hours/week salaried position.


How to Apply:

Please complete the application (by downloading application below), provide a resume, and three professional references to the following address:

[email protected]

or mail to:

Willard Library
21 N. First Ave.
Evansville, IN 47710

You may also bring your resume and 3 professional references to the front desk on the main floor. If you come in person, please request at the desk a formal application to be completed and attached to your resume or complete and bring the application available by download (below). No phone calls, please.

Download Job Application

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