Business Manager

Full Time Supervisory



JOB LOCATION: Business Manager Office, Addition

EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS:  Bachelor’s Degree with accounting experience/background

JOB FUNCTION:  Supervises day to day operation of the library's financial and administrative business.

JOB RESPONSIBILITIES:  90% Administrative/ Management; 10% Clerical


  I.   Financial

  1. Maintains a cash basis accounting of the financial transactions of Willard Library and the Willard Library Foundation, in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, and as required by the State Board of Accounts.
  1. Maintain the cash journals and general ledgers for the Library and Foundation, and provide a monthly accounting of all receipts, disbursements, and balances to the Treasurer, and a copy to the Director.
  1. Provides financial reports and information, under the guidance of the Willard Library Board of Trustees Treasurer.
  1. Maintains check registers and performs monthly reconciliations of the checking accounts and endowment fund accounts for the Library and Foundation, and acts as a liaison between the bank and the Board of Trustees.  Also arranges for the transfer of endowment funds as necessary.
  1. Performs basic fund accounting in conjunction with the semi-monthly payment of vendor bills, and provides updated fund account balances to the Director and Department Heads on a monthly basis.
  1. Provides information as requested by the Treasurer to assist in the interpretation of the financial accounting and to assist in the preparation of the annual budget.
  1. Receives all donated monies and money receipted through Willard Library cash registers and prepares and deposits them into the proper checking or endowment accounts maintained at the bank.
  1. Prepares a semimonthly payroll with associated checks, deposits, etc., as well as monthly, quarterly, and annual payroll tax and informational returns and payments.


 II.   Administrative

  1. Maintains employees' time sheets and personnel files; keeping a record of hours worked, vacation, personal, holiday, compensatory, and sick time taken/ accrued and prepares an updated monthly time accounting for each employee.
  1. Maintains a supply of enrollment forms and coverage information for employees regarding insurance and retirement benefits.
  1.  Provides copies of previous months' Board of Directors meeting minutes and copies of monthly financial statements to Board Members, and notifies Board Members in advance of any monthly, annual, or special meetings.
  1. Acts as liaison between the library and computer vendors, conducting troubleshooting as needed.
  1. Compiles circulation statistics and prepares monthly and annual reports.
  2. Compiles data for the completion of the Annual Report to the Indiana State Library and prepares the report for the Director's signature.
  3. Performs clerical tasks as assigned by the Director including preparing letters, purchase orders, filing, and bulk mailing.
  1. Orders and obtains office supplies for all departments as needed by the Department Heads, and orders cleaning supplies as needed.
  1. Staffs circulation desks as needed.
  1. Performs other duties as required and other tasks as necessary.

III.   Management    

  1.  Hires, supervises, and evaluates the Custodian, including assigning special projects, scheduling vacation time, and performing or arranging for the completion of duties when the Custodian is absent.
  1. Makes recommendations to the Director concerning physical plant improvements.


EQUIPMENT:  Computer and Peripherals, Calculator/ Adding Machine, Cash Register, Fax Machine, and Photocopier.

CRITICAL KNOWLEDGE: Strong Financial Management Skills, Organizational Management, Written and Oral Communications, Supervisory Skills, Computer Skills (PC Windows- based Software in Local Area Network Environment), Strong Knowledge of Accounting and Spreadsheet Software, and a Strong Public Service Attitude.


  1. Physical:  Able to lift 10 lbs above head with arms fully extended, consistently read 10-point font from 24” away; ability to do any or all of the following as needed for up to 8 hours with no more than two 20 minute resting intervals and one 60 minute resting interval: sitting, being mobile, using computer keyboard, using calculator, reading, and writing.
  1. Mental:  Spoken and written English language comprehension at college level; perform college level accounting; able to correctly alphabetize and transcribe rows of numeric data without misstating or transposing numbers; able to consistently follow and deliver at least 5 verbal or written instructions without cues or repetition.
  1. Verbal:  English language delivery at college level.
  1. Written:  English language delivery at college level.


NOTE:  This is a 40+ hours/week salaried position.


[email protected] 


Willard Library
Attn: Emily Phillips
21 First Avenue
Evansville, IN 47710


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