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Silent Sagas: Unsung Sorrows

Silent Sagas: Unsung Sorrows - (Adult)

Sep 24, 2018
(6:30 PM - 7:30 PM)

Author Louella Christy Komuves was married for 29 years, and despite her husband's well-hidden homosexuality, together they created a loving home for their three sons. Devastated at first by her husband's secret, Komuves was eventually able to regain her life, and set out to craft an in-depth spiritual guide for anyone experiencing a similar situation in his or her marriage. "Silent Sagas: Unsung Sorrows - Heterosexual Wife, Homosexual Husband" is the triumphant result.

Anyone wanting insight into the dynamics of a heterosexual/homosexual relationship will find Silent Sagas: Unsung Sorrows extremely beneficial.

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Willard Library Browning Gallery

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